What could Google Glass mean for the events industry? Wearable augmented reality on the show floor….

In late 2012, TIME listed Google Glass as one of 2012’s best inventions and it’s going to be an innovation to watch throughout 2013.

Google Glass is essentially your computer masquerading as a pair of glasses on top of your head. Google’s goal is to make augmented reality a daily part of our lives, meaning that it has the potential to completely change the way we interact with the world.

And for the live events industry, it has the potential to really shake up how visitors experience our shows.

So how could augmented reality through Google Glass be used to enhance the visitor experience onsite? Here are my first thoughts…

  • Hands free exhibition guide. Could include guided tours based on their interest areas at the show
  • Reminders and notifications about live demos/talks taking place – are they about to miss a very relevant session?
  • Live video feed from other areas – Is a session full? Have they missed the start? Why not watch it on Google Glass instead?
  • Attendees will be able to record sessions and share them instantly across social channels
  • Enhanced exhibitor information. By looking at a stand attendees can also access company, product and contacts information to better gauge why they’d want to stop at the stand
  • Reminders about onsite appointments – when meeting someone for the first time, a picture could be sourced to help with recognition
  • Better capture of leads and contacts (not to mention a video record or what you discussed/agreed)
  • Improved onsite demos, training and education by being able to overlay digital (sound, video, graphics, or location data) content and real-world presentations
  • Access detailed speaker information
  • Lastly, and definitely not my favourite, displaying contextually relevant ads/offers from exhibitors (could be location/interest based)

So what do you think? As these technologies become more mainstream, how should we be using augmented reality to enhance the visitor experience?

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