Poppy Powers – Hitting HMV where it hurts

UK retailer HMV got a very short, sharp social media lesson yesterday when Poppy Rose Cleere, formally the company’s social media planner, took to its Twitter account to live tweet from a mass redundancy meeting…


Following her ‘off message’ tweets on @hmvtweets, Poppy took to her own @poppy_powers account to reveal that yet another ‘big brand’ has left its social media presence solely in the hands of a single junior staff member (Poppy set-up the account while an intern), with senior management apparently taking no interest in the changes social is bringing to the way organisations and businesses communicate with their customers. Is it any wonder that HMV missed the internet boat and is now in administration with this attitude to change?

Let this be a lesson to us all. Poppy says it best herself…(read from the bottom up)


One thought on “Poppy Powers – Hitting HMV where it hurts

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