Making the move from community management to engagement marketing

Liz 2014 close up Today I am thrilled to be starting my new role at UBM Live as the first-ever Engagement Marketing Strategist.

What’s engagement marketing I hear you ask? Well, in the words of Alan Moore, founder of SMLXL (and one of the most exciting thinkers I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet), states that: “Engagement Marketing is premised upon: transparency – interactivity – immediacy – facilitation – engagement – co-creation – collaboration – experience and trust, these words define the migration from mass media to social media…Engagement Marketing is about connecting large or small communities with engaging content to a commercial or social agenda. Rather than boiling everything down to a unique selling proposition, Engagement Marketing creates bigger ideas that emotionally engage its audience, who have a desire to participate”.

Why does this matter to us right now? One of the big industry buzzwords of the past couple of years has been ‘community’. However the idea that community is central to the success of a company or brand isn’t new, we’ve always had communities – after all they’ve always been our stakeholders; our customer, clients, colleagues, share holders since the beginning. What’s making them buzz at the moment is their connectivity to our brands; made increasingly easy and public through the rise of digital communication channels.

In the past we were fairly insulated and isolated from our communities, but now the opposite is true.  The digital revolution has democratised the business landscape; it’s given our communities a voice and it’s given them a choice – to listen or not to listen, to engage or not to engage, to find out what their peers are saying before they commit. And it’s turning the traditional notions of marketing (i.e. push, push, push) on its head.

Engagement marketing helps us to address this fundamental shift through harnessing the power of content, social media, and SEO to draw people in to our brand conversations rather than simply bombarding them with more stuff. This helps us really focus on what’s important: Listening to and being useful to the community.

I’m really excited to be able to support our UBM Live teams in their engagement journeys; connecting communities with engaging content to help drive the success of our live shows in 2014 and beyond.

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