How can I grow my Twitter followers?

twitterMany people are understandably keen to increase their Twitter followers, and while having an engaged community of followers – no matter the size – is often more beneficial than having thousands of uninterested followers, there are some tips and tricks you can employ to give yourself a boost:

  • It sounds silly, but keep going – generally the more active you are the more followers you gain
  • Make sure you’re using #tags and @handles as often as possible to draw people in
  • Retweet and share interesting content from others regularly
  • Use Followerwonk to analyse your followers and find industry influencers to follow and engage with
  • Use a dashboard like HootSuite to schedule your tweets in advance so you can maintain constant and set-up search streams following keywords, phrases, lists of people you’re interested in
  • Find Twitter chats to join to raise your profile within the community you’re interested in
  • Make sure that you’ve optimised your Twitter bio with the keywords you think your potential new followers will be searching for
  • Use Twitter’s Favourite button to like what other people have shared and highlight that you’re interested in them
  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality – some of the most interesting people on Twitter share a mix of professional and personal updates
  • Be social – thank people for retweeting or mentioning you, say hi to interesting new followers, and share other people’s content

Beware of any company offering to sell you new followers – these are highly unlikely to ever be of real value to you. And you could be paying for fakes.

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