A picture is worth a thousand words – what’s the value of your profile?

I originally wrote this blog for our enterprise social network, the Hub, hosted on Jive. However many of the suggestions also apply to external social media platforms you may be using, LinkedIn for example.


It’s a simple concept: A picture can tell a story just as well as a large amount of descriptive text. And on your Hub profile, the inclusion of your photo – and an avatar – says a lot about you. Simply put, it says that you’re interested and engaged in the global community here at UBM.

Combined with the addition of a profile photo, having a complete profile – including a detailed biography, skills and expertise – helps raise your profile within the business by making you visible and discoverable to your colleagues.

If you’re keen to climb the career ladder and are aiming for promotion, then your Hub profile is a very valuable commodity as it’s the basis of your personal brand within UBM. It’s where hiring managers can go to find out more about you and your interests, and easily access the content you’ve created and the projects you’ve worked on.

Whenever I’ve been hiring for a position within UBM and have internal applicants, I always go and check out their Hub profile because what’s on there – and what’s not –  tells me a huge amount about an individual. A complete profile indicates to me that:

  • You’re interested and engaged in the global community at UBM
  • You enjoy being part of a team and actively seek out collaboration opportunities with colleagues
  • You buy into UBM’s culture and the importance of the Commitments
  • You understand the importance of community to UBM
  • You’re aware of the central role that digital networking plays in today’s working environment
  • You have taken responsibility for owning your personal brand and are proactively managing your internal career opportunities
  • And, if you’re applying for a job on the Hub team, you use it on a regular basis

Your Hub profile is a valuable indication of who you are and how you feel to be a UBMer. So what’s your profile worth?

Take action now, dedicate just a few minutes now checking your profile and ask yourself some key questions:

  1. Does your profile have a picture of your face on it?
  2. Have you included an avatar?
  3. Do you have a detailed biography?
  4. Have you included your skills and expertise?
  5. Are your contact details up-to-date?
  6. Is your org chart up-to-date?

Go on, make it as valuable as you can.


True Collaboration is Scary


Collaboration is a strategic imperative for UBM – you can’t have a high performing culture or a high performing business without it.

But knowing collaboration is important and doing it are two different things; after all, collaboration is hard and collaboration is scary.

Working out loud is a key behaviour of social collaboration, but it takes courage. Collaboration happens in the open, and it takes guts to share what you’re working before you’ve finished; it means working through your mistakes openly, sticking your head above the parapet, and sometimes it can feel like bearing your soul in pursuit of an idea.

So while we’ve already taken the step towards making collaboration easier with the Hub – the tool which enables us to share, discover and debate our thoughts, ideas, templates, knowledge, strategies and processes with our global colleagues – it doesn’t make it less scary.

But bravery does pay off. By getting other people’s eyes – and more importantly their brains – on your work it helps you get things done and makes the outcome of your project/campaign/pitch/strategy much better than if you’d developed it in isolation or the perceived safety of your silo.

Your colleagues want you to do well and, more importantly, they want to help you get there. Collaboration doesn’t have to be scary.

Photo credit: ‘ColLABoration’ by edlabdesigner is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0