Understanding the Hub: The Little Web of Text

Here at UBM we use Jive as the platform for our enterprise social network: The Hub.

The Hub is sometimes a bit of a misunderstood creature at UBM, so in this post I boil it down to its bare bones and show you what lies underneath…

The Hub is communication through text boxes.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. The power of the Hub is in its simplicity: the simplicity of easily sharing information across teams or geographies, the simplicity of being able to ask questions or brainstorm, the simplicity of sourcing feedback on your idea, the simplicity of finding the person with the specific skills, experience or expertise that your project needs.

Simplicity, above the technical complexity which may lie underneath, breeds innovation.

As a collective, our employees are what powers UBM, and they are what powers the Hub. It’s by sharing our collective intelligence that we add value. It’s by updating our profiles with skills and expertise that we help our colleagues find us. It’s by asking the right questions that we uncover new ways of doing things. It’s by working out loud that we don’t let opportunities slip through our grasp.

There’s a lot of value in those little text boxes. Don’t underestimate the power at your fingertips.