The Rise of Social HR at HootSuite

I got ridiculously excited when I started reading this blog – I mean, crazy excited: How to Use Periscope for Social HR with Lars Schmidt #SMKnowHow

In the post, Lars Schmidt, employer brand strategist at HootSuite,  shares the work the company is doing in the field of social HR (bringing social into HR operations) and how this has led them to develop the concept of Open Source HR:

“The idea is that we want to start working out loud on some of the projects that we’re doing, where really the whole HR team is empowered to share some of the things that they’re working on, what they’re learning, where’s they’re finding inspiration”

We’re going to be creating a series of case studies that will really go into a lot of detail on particular HR projects or recruiting projects that we’ve developed within Hootsuite. But beyond just saying, “Hey, here’s a thing we did,” and really breaking it down to say things like, “Here’s where the idea came from. Here’s how we pitched it internally. These are what the expected outcomes are. This is how we executed it. This is what the actual outcomes were,” and then ultimately even, “Here’s what we got wrong.” Because we want to really be open about that, especially around social HR. There’s a degree of risk-taking that I think takes place, which is a good thing, but it also means you are going to fail and you are going to get some things wrong. And we think it’s important to be able to share that too. So, it’s not all unicorns and roses. You’re able to say, “Yeah, we thought this was going to be how this would turn out and some of these things were right but actually some of these things were wrong.” So, that’s going to be a key part of each case study we do.

“I think social HR is really the idea of having your entire team being open to sharing on HR, sharing best practices, and even interacting within your organisation”

Interestingly, being a leader in social HR is one of HootSuite’s talent groups’ objectives and that the HR team is looked at as an innovation-driving function within the business.

It’s a long post, but well worth a read: How to Use Periscope for Social HR with Lars Schmidt #SMKnowHow – or you can listen: How to Use Periscope for Social HR with Lars Schmidt by Social Media Know-How | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Other highlights from the post:

HootSuite’s ‘Follow the Sun’ recruitment project –

Inside Operation #FollowTheSun

We were operating in nine different offices. We wanted to make sure we could help prospects get a sense of that global footprint. And then also, the unique culture within Hootsuite. We thought live streaming would be an interest way to do that. So, the idea of Follow the Sun, actually Ambrosia had the great name for that. The idea was we wanted to start in Singapore and actually work our way East, around the globe throughout the day, showcasing a different office every hour on the hour. So we started in Singapore, we moved to Bucharest, moved to London, to Boston, to São Paulo. All the way over to the headquarters in Vancouver. And the idea of Follow the Sun was we wanted to literally Follow the Sun as it turned around the earth. Using that same approach to showcase different offices, and some of our peeps from office to office throughout the day.

HootSuite’s HR presence on Twitter –

@HootsuiteLife: HR/recruiting/employer branding handle on Twitter. Used for interaction and promoting the HR and recruiting team. It’s the anchor employer branding asset for HootSuite

#HootsuiteLife (@HootsuiteLife) | Twitter

All employees are empowered to use that (the hashtag), whether they’re periscoping, tweeting, posting stuff on Instagram, or even Facebook. The volume of that hashtag is massive. And it’s all, for the most part, employee-generated content. So, again, from a recruiting perspective, it’s really easy for us to showcase and show people what the culture at Hootsuite is all about. We can share that hashtag and we have a link to Hootsuite campaigns URL that actually aggregates all of the content on that hashtag into a branded page. It allows us to actually show prospects or applicants what it’s like to work here. And the kind of people they’ll be working with. So that becomes a really authentic and powerful recruiting tool. I think Hootsuite’s probably one of the better examples of using that successfully and also doing it in a way that really all of the employees are truly empowered to contribute.

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