Content creation made easy

This is a post I originally wrote as part of internal series of blogs on social leadership, so you’ll see lots of mentions of ‘the Hub’ which is UBM’s enterprise social network hosted on Jive; however many of the suggestions here can easily be applied to external networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter.


Being a social leader in today’s digital business landscape is hugely important.

“In a social enterprise, your value is established not by how much knowledge you amass, but by how much knowledge you impart to others.”
Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer at IBM.

And imparting knowledge in a digital world means creating content. But creating content doesn’t mean having to slave away over an essay length blog post once a week, it can be much simpler than that.

Here are 14 ways to create content and impart knowledge which won’t eat into your day:

How long do you have?

60 seconds
> Post a status update on the Hub – perhaps you’re working from home, or you are on site at an event, want to welcome someone new to your team, or have a photo to share
> Call out examples of the Events First Strategy on the Hub using #eventsfirst hashtag
> Share an open position from your division into your network on LinkedIn
> Like a piece of Hub content
> Like a LinkedIn post from your network

5 minutes
> Comment on a piece of Hub content and share your insight or ideas
> Comment on a post from your LinkedIn network
> Share the link to an interesting article you’ve read today (remember to add your thoughts to give it some context)
> Scan through the recent Hub status updates and add a comment or two to increase employee engagement
> Upload a document to the Hub –perhaps your strategy, a template, PDF, a spreadsheet – which others may find useful; this helps make our knowledge more universally accessible

10 minutes
> Take a look a new Hub Discussions: Is there a question you can help answer or an opportunity for you to impart your knowledge?
> Create vlog: Using a platform like Microsoft’s Movie Maker makes it quick and easy to record video updates with your webcam
> The Hub team create weekly vlogs, updating each other on what we’ve achieved during the week. It has hands down been the best global team building exercise we’ve tried, far outstripping the value of conference calls.

20 minutes
> Commit to writing a weekly round-up blog on the Hub
This shouldn’t be a strenuous exercise. Think of a blog like a diary, or an opportunity to reflect on your week. Have you read something interesting? Who have you met? What have your teams achieved? What have you learned? What ideas have you had? What are you looking forward to over the coming week/month?


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