Embedding and integrating new employees onto the Hub

In 2014 UBM acquired a new business to expand its event portfolio in the USA. For my team, this involved onboarding 600 new employees to the Hub – our enterprise social network hosted on Jive.

Late on in 2015, our integration team asked if I could tell them how engaged our new employees were compared with existing UBMers in the Americas region; ‘uuummm, maybe’ was my response.

This data was going to be a little tricky to source, as following the integration of Advanstar and the restructure of Americas, the only unique identifier available to us was UBMers using @advanstar.com as their Hub profile email address – and of course the Community Manager reports in the Hub don’t have a filter for that.

But, thanks to some data work from the technology team, I’ve finally been able to get a hold of these stats and do some analysis.

In the graph below, what you’re seeing is the data split between users with @ubm.com as their Hub profile email address vs. those using @advanstar.com, who have identified themselves as being part of the UBM Amercias division. It’s not perfect as there are a minority of people using other email domains, but gives us some interesting data.

The graph shows the percentage of active users taken from the total number of registered users, by email address. An active user is defined by Jive as: ‘Users who have viewed at least one document, discussion, blog post, status update, poll, video, idea, group overview page, space overview pages, or project overview page in the previous 30 days’.

I think there are two main takeaways (for me at any rate) from this:

  • The big spike in activity in March was when we ran the bespoke Advanstar Hub training sessions
  • The gradual upswing after August coincides with the UBM Americas restructure – as Advanstar users become more integrated into UBM, the importance of the Hub increases

Overall, during 2015, the number of active Advanstar users increased by 17% from 76.6% in January to 89.6% in December. I think this is even more significant because we would expect activity to be high in January as this is when Advanstar were registering for their accounts. A great result.

active hub users.png