Marketing & HR in the digital world. Grow together or fail apart?

I recently attended a breakfast launch of the ‘What Works Where in B2B Digital Marketing’ report from Omobono. I highly recommend downloading the full report for yourself.

A central theme to this year’s research was marketing and HR in the digital world, and specifically how ‘marketing is under threat from HR in its communications heartland’.

The report goes on to state that ‘with its unique positioning – speaking as employer and brand – HR has the most influential voice both internally and externally’.

Interestingly the breakfast panel discussed the possibility of HR and marketing becoming one department within organisations; helping to ensure that both employer brand and consumer brand are one of the same (HR-HD approach, as outlined in the report).

By taking an HR-HD approach, marketing can be left to focus on the delivery of tactical product campaigns based around the brand strategy devised and directed by HR.

It’s a brave route, but for me, one which makes huge sense. You can read more about why in this previous blog: Is your brand living up to expectation? 

The question is, who will be bold enough?

Recognising UBMers with a Wow

Wow is our internal peer-to-peer recognition app, which enables UBMers to award a trophy to a colleague celebrating an achievement or sending thanks via the Hub, our enterprise social network on Jive.

Every employee has a virtual trophy case displaying their Wows within the app. Trophy cases are open and can be viewed by others – a useful way for managers to see how many Wows members of their team are being awarded.

The great thing about Wow is that it’s global – people aren’t tied to their divisional reward systems – and it’s quick and easy, providing instant recognition. Unlike some of the divisional reward systems there is no monetary /gift incentive, it’s simply a public recognition of a job well done.

The new Wow trophies have been aligned with our UBM Commitments; these commitments represent the DNA of UBM – who we are and how we work.

  • Passion & Expertise
  • Customer Focus
  • Doing the Right Thing
  • Innovation
  • Serving Communities
  • Collaboration

The Wow app gives us a global platform to celebrate success and reinforce desired UBM Commitments behaviours and thinking, in turn increasing day-to-day satisfaction for employees knowing that an achievement has been seen, appreciated and celebrated.

There’s a great article on Forbes about the importance of recognition in the HR toolkit: 5 Ways Leaders Rock Employee Recognition