Recognising UBMers with a Wow

Wow is our internal peer-to-peer recognition app, which enables UBMers to award a trophy to a colleague celebrating an achievement or sending thanks via the Hub, our enterprise social network on Jive.

Every employee has a virtual trophy case displaying their Wows within the app. Trophy cases are open and can be viewed by others – a useful way for managers to see how many Wows members of their team are being awarded.

The great thing about Wow is that it’s global – people aren’t tied to their divisional reward systems – and it’s quick and easy, providing instant recognition. Unlike some of the divisional reward systems there is no monetary /gift incentive, it’s simply a public recognition of a job well done.

The new Wow trophies have been aligned with our UBM Commitments; these commitments represent the DNA of UBM – who we are and how we work.

  • Passion & Expertise
  • Customer Focus
  • Doing the Right Thing
  • Innovation
  • Serving Communities
  • Collaboration

The Wow app gives us a global platform to celebrate success and reinforce desired UBM Commitments behaviours and thinking, in turn increasing day-to-day satisfaction for employees knowing that an achievement has been seen, appreciated and celebrated.

There’s a great article on Forbes about the importance of recognition in the HR toolkit: 5 Ways Leaders Rock Employee Recognition

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