Your customers see what you don’t

Here on the social business team at UBM, we regularly survey UBMers for feedback and insight on how we can be better serving them.

Our most recent survey focused on the homepage for our enterprise social network the Hub, hosted on Jive.

We wanted to better understand our employee’s experiences, thoughts, frustrations and challenges. After all, as a product owner who uses your product day in, day out, after a while, you stop seeing those daily irritations which affect your customer base.

Here are the main highlights from our research:

> UBMers generally find the homepage too overwhelming, crowed, cluttered and too long

> It’s hard for them to know what’s important and feel that there’s too many static and stale sections

> There’s a demand for a more curated homepage, with ‘newness’ and relevancy of the content coming through as major themes

> Interestingly, UBMers were also asking for things which already exist within the Hub but are hidden/not well communicated/signposted

And following this feedback, here’s what we’ve implemented for our users:

> We’ve stripped back and streamlined the page to make it less cluttered and easier on the eye

> We’ve made it more visual and increased the amount of curated content, helping employees to more easily identify important and interesting content from across the business

> We’ve pulled in the events calendar to feature forthcoming shows so UBMers can see at a glance what’s coming up and when

>  We’ve added personal navigation links to enable employees to more quickly find the features which they previously felt were hidden from view

> We’ve updated the main navigation to include central UBM initiatives and links to divisional spaces and IT support

> We’ve re-named a link in the main navigation to News, to better highlight this as the personal Hub news feed / timeline (think Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)

> We’re working with HR to improve the accessibility of the divisional Human Resources spaces and the information they contain, including building out a new central HR portal; making it easier for employees to search and navigate to the content they need

In a month’s time I’m going to pull data from both Jive’s own community manager reports as well as Adobe Analytics to see what impact the updates and improvements to the homepage have had on user activity and engagement – check back soon.

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