If you’re serious about social, you’ll need more than just your brand

ConnectionsIf you’re not a Coca-Cola of this world – a brand with near ubiquitous awareness – building reach and engagement for your brand can seem like a bit of a slog; a lone voice battling against the increasing social media cacophony.

Another challenge faced by branded channels is that they have a habit of acting solely as owned media rather than helping to drive earned; often being used to push stuff out rather than pull people in. Getting people to engage with a brand can be tricky, people tend to follow people, and brands are…well, brands. To realise the full value of social within your business you need a way to drive credibility, scale and reach.

An often overlook strategy for achieving this is to embed social sharing within the culture of your business and harness the networks and reach of the people you work with.  Think about it, rather than having one channel talking about your brand, why not tens, or hundreds, or thousands of trusted voices (people to people) sharing your message?

The data we see around the reach of our event brands shows us time and time again that our branded channel reach pales in comparison with the reach our communities can achieve when they’re talking about us. Your people are plugged into the communities you serve; actively encouraging social sharing by your colleagues will earn you so much more than restricting yourself to the official brand channels alone.

The real opportunity for social media comes when your business is being social, and that’s about more than just your brand.

Photo credit ‘Connection’ by jazbeck is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0